April 30, 2012

Lamento~beyond the void~ chapter 3

Finally, a new release!

I apologize for the total lack of activity for the past month or so. It was exam/final projects season and... well, for those of you in university, you know how that goes. For those of you who don't know, it was hell and I got very little sleep, so scanlating got shoved aside for more important real life matters.

I've decided to slow down the pace and not release at a breakneck pace (every 2-3 days like I was doing earlier). This will mean less mistakes and (hopefully) a better flow to the translation, since I'll be taking more time with it.

But enough with the chatter, here's the release!
Volume 01 Chapter 03

I changed around the font a bit. I was using only calibri in the beginning for... I don't even know why. I stuck with it in chapter two for consistency, but I decided to change it because it was just bad typesetting.

Now Lamento Volume 1 is completely scanlated (there was a little author blurb at the back, but I didn't translate that. If anyone's interested, I'll finish that and post it in my next blog entry)

[edit] Lamento is temporarily stalled. I have no good RAWs for volume 2. I did find LQ raws online, but they're small and very very low quality. Not even workable for LQ releases, so no Lamento until I get scans! I'm buying the tanks myself, but I've never scanned so I don't think I'll be scanning my own RAWs.

If anyone can scan Lamento volume 2 for me in either Japanese OR Chinese, that'd be awesome!

Next release will be Eleven Soul, then Kare wa Diablo, then Sekai no Hate. After that, I may pick up a new project since Lamento is stalled for now.


Jukebox said...

Thank you so much for Lamento!!!

Anonymous said...

yay! Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

thank you! this story is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the release! :) Hopefully you'll get the raws!

Keesha said...

Thank you for the chapter! :) Hope somebody will be kind enough to post HQ raws soon.

Jessie J said...

thanks sooooooo much xx

miaou said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks ^^ i hope you find a good scanner!

Anonymous said...

f you want you can spend the scans you found, do not promise anything, but I notice if I can put them in good condition so you can edit. My mail is: loveless_loveless@hotmail.com

riziak said...

I'll scan it or you but i need to find my volume.
what resolution do you want, and also where to send them?
write to me at baka-oni-ri (at) o2.pl to discuss the details :)

Kakera said...

Ooh, really? =D

Wow, I didn't expect a response so fast. I'll contact you. ;)

I'm glad this won't be stalled much; the story is just picking up!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i found these two sites, hope they help.

Kakera said...

Sadly, neither of those have RAWs for Vol.2 of Lamento. =( The second 4shared link is vol.2 of a fan doujinshi.