Ongoing Projects

Lamento ~Beyond the Void by Chayamachi Suguro and Nitro+CHiRAL
shounen ai / action / adventure / fantasy / drama / mystery

The Ribika are a race of cats possessing ears and tails. Their bodies are lithe and nimble, and they live in the land of Shisa. However, a curse called the "Void" is spreading through the forests...

One of the Ribika, Konoe, lives in a small village called Karou. One morning, he wakes up to find that his ears and tail have turned black. There is also a symbol on his body; the mark of the curse. Konoe embarks on a journey through the forest to find the truth.

Volume 1 Chapter 01 / Read online
Volume 1 Chapter 02 / Read online
Volume 1 Chapter 03

Sekai no Hate by Makino Aoi
shoujo / psychological / drama / school life / romance

Azusa used to be bullied to the point where she begged her parents to move. In her new school, she's asked out by the most popular guy, Kasuga-kun. Afraid of being bullied again, she agrees.

But soon, she finds herself falling in love with Kawaguchi-kun and his strength. He gives her hope that she might finally break free from her past and find true love, but Kasuga-kun stares at her possessively with murderous eyes...

Volume 1 Chapter 01 / Read online
Volume 1 Chapter 02 / Read online
Volume 1 Chapter 03
Volume 1 side story: The Beginning of the World

Kare wa Diablo by Shimotsuki Kayoko
Supernatural/Romance/Shoujo/Comedy/School life

In order to realize her dream of a romance with her senpai, Meiko uses black magic. Unexpectedly, she summons the demon king Lucifer, who also ends up as her homeroom teacher!

As part of their contract, Meiko is forced onto the path of a witch, but in reality, she's just Lucifer's slave! And now that she has magical powers, she activates her super strength whenever she eats Anpan. What will become of Meiko and the great demon king Lucifer?

Volume 1 chapter 01: First Encounter with the Mighty One?
Volume 1 chapter 02: Suddenly★L☠DK!?
Volume 1 chapter 03: Splash!♥ Swim meet full of demons (no fanservice)


dezin19 said...

Awesome, Lamento!

ieraih said...

Wow, Lamento, i'm so happy i can't believe it!!!
Thank you so much for picking it up!

Mantys said...

Thanks for lamento.... I really like this manga!

Mikaru said...

Thanks for Sekai no Hate by Makino Aoi!

I love her mangas! And hope they'll be out here soon!
Can't wait to read them X3

green_holstein said...

Thanks for Kare wa Diablo! I've waited for ages for the manga to be translated into English!

Anonymous said...

hey kakera I've found a site with LQ/MQ raws for Sekai no Hate ;D

Kakera said...

I'm glad you're all enjoying my projects, uhuhu <3

Anon: Yep, I know about those. The quality is too low to work with though. I used that Chinese group's raws for Rec, and their scanner really sucks... the scans were impossible to edit, so I decided not to use them anymore. XD

You don't want ugly releases now, do you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ya I do ;D
Well I'll keep a look out for other scans ;3
I do like those clean and crisp releases *_* (more~) but don't you get annoyed of some online reader sites that make a fortune from your work?! x<

Kakera said...

Cool, thanks for the support! ;)

Yes, clean releases make me happy~~

I don't really get mad at the fact that they make money; I'm not doing this to make money, so it doesn't matter to me if they do. I'm really angry about the fact that they don't seem to respect scanlator policies though! :(

The only online reading site I approve of is Batoto, because they respect policies and actually link back to the group. It's nice. =)

Anonymous said...

For a solo scantalator, you are seriously AMAZING!!! Thank you so so so much for your hard work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lamento! <3 Thank you for doing all this hard work! I look forward to the next chapters!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything. Checked weekly for Kare wa Diablo release before finding your site. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for translating Lamento, finally able to put words into the game after nearly a year. Here's to hoping you are able to find RAWS of the 2nd volume~

Anonymous said...

thank you for the lamento ^^
i've been looking for this
but the link for chapter 2 is gone
can you re-upload please?
thanks in advance ^^

Kakera said...

Dead links are fixed! =)

Imsohappy! said...

Thank you! Thank you so much for kare wa diablo!!!!

Gaviota said...

Thanks so much for Lamento!!! :D

Amanda said...

Thanks a LOOOOT for those translations! *.* (i read lamento and kare wa diablo!) both are GREAT! And its all thanks to u all!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for al your hard work!! >v<

Little plea: can you please re-upload download links for 'Lamento'? MF or SP or any other!!

Pretty please, with the cherry on the top?

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I recently stumbled upon kare wa diablo and I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your amazing work!!

Poopers said...

Hi, thanks for kare wa diablo.

I wonder if,
I can't speak japanese and i don't know how is manga translation project like. But i want to help for this manga project.
So you can contact me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hard work. I would like to draw your attention to chapter 3 for which the link is down. Would you be kind enough to share a frsh link for same?

Victoria said...

but pleaseeeeeeeeeee reupload Lamento links