Welcome to the blog and website of KakerA Translations!

Hello~ I'm Kakera, a university student with too many hobbies, and I adore manga. In this blog, I will post all scanlation-related news from my end as well as all download links of my projects.

On the scanlation side, I do everything except raw scanning. I translate from Japanese as well as Chinese (though I'm much faster with Chinese). I'm doing everything solo right now, and it's nice since there's no pressure~ xD But if anyone's interested in joint projects, helping out with my projects, or if you're looking for someone to help out with your own project, feel free to contact me.

Q: What are your rules?
There are only two rules, so make sure you follow them!
1. Don't change the archive's name or the files in it.
2. Wait 7 days before uploading releases onto any online reading site other than Batoto, which has no delay.

Q: Can I retranslate your releases into </insert language here>?
A: Send me an email and I'll probably be happy to provide you with whatever cleaned pages I have lying around. The exception is if another group has already asked for the same language, in which case I will direct you to them, and whatever happens after that is not my business.
There are two rules for re-translation:
1. Credit everyone in my credits page, including the raw provider, anyone else mentioned, and me.
2. Provide a link back to this website.

Q: How can I help out?
A: I'm currently looking for raw providers, so if you have a manga from my list of current/future projects, or a manga you want scanlated, contact me and we'll work out details! If you want to join the team, cleaners and QCers are also welcome~ but note that you must be fast and accurate for QC. I don't need translators, proofreaders, or typesetters right now.
If you don't have any of these skills, just say thank you. It really makes a difference! =)

Q: Why KakerA Translations?
A: Kakera is my screename. Actually, I used to go by KakeranoTsuki, until I learned more Japanese and realized how horribly backwards the grammar was. Translations is because I started off as a translator and didn't work as an editor until I started my own "group". I still prefer translating. The capitalized A is because Alaena and Ai cheeky used to help me with proofreading and cleaning, and I wanted to include them somehow.

Q: Can I host/redistribute/upload your releases?
A: As long as you keep the archives unchanged and provide a link back to this blog.

Q: Can I use your scans for my own projects?
A: If you're doing coloration/making a signature/avatar or something along those lines, go right ahead. If it's something else, please contact me. I'd probably be fine with anything as long as there's no profit involved. I may also be able to provide you with a higher res/cleaned page if you ask. ;) Though no guarantees because I'm OCD about keeping my hard drive spotless, so I delete pages with simple redraws/easy cleaning.

If you have a question, feel free to post it in the comments section or send me an email via the contact form.


Jessie J said...

i was wondering if i could request a manga to do, the scanlating group that was doing it dissappered and no one can get in touch with them.
Love Sick is the manga. 3 vols long, i found the raws but their korean.

Kakera said...

I don't mind KR raws as long as I can find a CN version too, but just tried and I can't find any. =( I'd be happy to consider it if you ever find CN raws! JP might be okay too since the text sounds like it'd be pretty simple for this manga.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for translating Rec- Kimi Ga Naita Hi its a pretty awesome read! I was wondering if you could pick up Seikon No Qwaser at chapter 37 it has a really good plot but it has some ecchi scenes...(I scroll really fast through them lol) I think there are raws from a mangafox discussion on the manga, but I'm not sure what languge.

Kakera said...

I'm glad you're enjoying Rec~ ^^

Seikon no Qwaser looks... way too ecchi for me to work on. XD; It's yuri on top of that, so I'm going to have to say no, lol.

Mel said...


I am Mel from the french group MagicScan

I would like to ask you if I can have your permission to-retranslate Kare wa Diablo into french?

Of course, we will follow your rules

Many thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon

My e-mail address is: magicscan@hotmail.fr


Anonymous said...

I am a member from Totsuka team, an italian traslation group, I'd like to ask you permission to re-translate in italian Kare wa Diablo. I've already red all your rules and surely we follow these.
Thanks a lot in advance and I'm looking forward to hearing news about you soon. Bye bye.

My e-mail address is: FedeChicchi@gmail.com


Lily Yuu said...
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Lily Yuu said...

I'm an italian scanlator, and recently I've created a blog, its name is UnderTheBlossomingCherryTrees. I'd like to ask you permission to retranslate in italian Watashi no koibito by Sakisaka Io (if it is possible)...thanks in advance a compliments for your works! I hope to hear good news about you soon!!
My email is: yuriyuuka@gmail.com
Best Wishes

Hikariiasdad said...

Hi. I admi of a group to traslation spanish. Pig tlrabbit fansub. I like order permission to use your scans of Sekai no Hate.

thanks for your work

Jean Jumawan said...

Hi! I was stumble upon with this manga called Sekai No Hate, and I'm starting loved it, but I noticed that its been a year since you last translate/scan it. And I'm just wondering if you are still waiting for the RAW? If so, I can provide you a list of Chinese Manga sites that you can use. I'm hope you can read my post, because there's a lot of fans waiting for the upcoming chapters of Sekai No Hate. Please do email me at jeanjumawan052508@gmail.com. Thanks!