May 15, 2012

Eleven Soul chapter 3 [joint with Manga Syndrome]

Here's chapter 3 of Eleven Soul, a joint effort with Manga Syndrome! Tanba is definitely my favorite character right now. xD

Enjoy the release~
volume 1 chapter 3: Defense

Kare wa Diablo will be released tomorrow or the day after, and then I'll work on Sekai no Hate chapter 3, which will probably be released in early June since I have some real life stuff coming up.


Anonymous said...

nice to see this one being worked on again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great series, and great work by you all in translating it. I hope we can see more of it in a regular basis.

a great fan

Kakera said...

Thanks for your support~ =)

The delay was completely my fault; I had exams and other real life stuff. The releases will be more regular from now on. ^^