March 16, 2012

Sekai no Hate chapter 2

The long-awaited Sekai no Hate chapter 2~ the cliffhanger is resolved, and we're left with yet another cliffie. XD

Many thanks to Hime of HaruHime Scans for scanning the raws for me! ♥ And of course thanks to Rosen for the wonderful birthday present of a new blog layout, and for introducing me to Hime. =) You girls are awesome~

I've been on a semi-haitus mode lately due to school and summer preparations; I have some interviews coming up, so I've been busy making myself a nervous wreck. Sorry in advance for the lack of releases. .__.

Now enjoy the new release, and I look forward to your feedback!
♥ Volume 1 Chapter 2

p.s. Don't forget to download the release to support the purchase of raws! ;)

p.p.s. In the Chocolate has been released by another scanlation group. I'll be dropping it from my projects list,  I haven't done much except clean the first few pages, so it seems pointless to make a release.
Sorry about the re-translation request(s) I've received; you'll have to try with Day of the River. They've done a good job, so all the best to them~! ^^ 


asdf said...

thanks for scanlating this! i don't read much shoujo, but i really like this one

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

alpaca.c said...

it won't let me downloa ;A;

Kakera said...

What's the problem? =0

Alex said...

Thanks so much for scanlating~! This is so different from the usual shoujo mangas I read, but I really love it. ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!

Mikaru said...

Awwww, I have been waiting for this!!! Thank you so much for translating it! Haven't read it yet, just wanted to thank you before doing so!!!

I appreciate your hard work! I don't think I'm the only one, though! X3


Ariel said...

I can't download the file ;(

I'm trying since Friday, but there is no result.

Well, I will try a little more, and If I can download this, I will wait until vol 1 will be completed.

Anyway, thank you for your work :D

Kakera said...

There's a mediafire mirror in the shoutbox - why can't you download it?

Ariel said...

'Cause I'm a dumb? xD

Thanks :D