January 22, 2012

REC -the day you cried- Chapter 2

There's a new rule regarding distribution. You must now wait 24 hours before uploading releases to online reading sites like mangafox/mangareader/mangahere. Immediate hosting is still allowed, but please do update the file a day or so after the initial release.

The reason for this is simple. I pretty much suck at QCing my own releases, and I hate seeing errors I can't fix. You guys as well as myself often discover small mistakes like typos, minor grammatical errors, or -gasp- a missed bubble! This new rule will give me the chance to re-read my release/let you guys tell me what's wrong and correct any errors in case I need to release a v.2.

It's very easy for me to update my 4shared link, but VERY hard for me to update a file on an online reading site (believe me, I've tried) ...I don't have accounts on most of them. D:

Tl;dr: Don't upload my releases anywhere until 24 hours have passed. I may need to update.

[edit] It has been brought to my attention that chapter 2 was uploaded to Mangafox... It's been less than 8 hours. =_=; Come on, how obvious was my rule? It was in the file AND here. As punishment, the next release of REC will be delayed by 5 days. When I finish the chapter I'll let it sit in my hard drive.

Now would also be a good time to make suggestions about improvements to the site as well as my scanlations in general. I'm always worried about font. Ugh. Do the fonts I use look okay? Do you guys want more SFX translated? Things like that... So if you have anything, and I mean ANYTHING, please let me know. =)

Now here is the second chapter of REC -the day you cried-!! (aka REC -kimi ga naita hi-) :D
Chapter 2

p.s. I know, I know. I'm procrastinating on Lamento again. >_< I will defeat those redraws soon, I promise!

p.s.s. Just putting this out there on the off chance that someone is a champ. I would like to pick up "Sekai no Hate", a manga by the same author (Info here) but I have no RAWs. If anyone could find some decent quality Japanese or Chinese RAWs for me, that would be fantastic!


atashi said...

As for suggestions, what type of manga/story do you like? Plots, quirks, favorite authors, etc.

Kakera said...

I like pretty much every genre, and I like two main types of manga.
1. Messed-up life, sort out your feelings.
2. Supernatural shit happens, find out why.

They have to be well-paced and know where they're going, too. I particularly hate perpetually cheerful/emo characters.

My favorite authors(and their major work) are Fuyumi Souryo(Mars), Yuki Kaori(Angel Sanctuary), Sakisaka Io(Strobe Edge), Sumomo Yumeka(My Girl), Yang Kyun-Il(Shin Angyo Onshi), and Togashi Yoshihiro(HunterxHunter).

atashi said...

I'm impressed by the range of your reading interests. My own are limited to shoujo, and even then, I don't read much of it since I can't bring myself to be interested in them. Maybe the more accurate term would be that they're "sparkly", so that's why I like them.

When it comes to raw, do you have a preference when it comes to tanks or mags?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kakera! Love REC ♥

As for scanlation suggestions, someone seems to be applying some photo filters on the raws to attempt to "improve" or "sharpen" the scans, but applying them blurs and ruins the tones/textures of the pages and morphs the gradients too, so I wonder if it's possible to make them stop..

That's the biggest bother for me though. I don't mind you not editing SFX since it's faster, and I love the fonts you chose for narrations and chapter titles, though for the dialog fonts, I suggest Rooftop Run:
though that's just my tastes.

Thanks again for scanlating REC! Great story :D

Kakera said...

I was a shounen/seinen reader a few years back, and only got into shoujo more recently. xD I read more shoujo now because they're generally shorter and less ridiculous than shounen, though I still really enjoy seinen. I like how sparkly shoujo is, too! Makes me happy. x)

I definitely prefer Tank Raws for a few reasons; pages are too thin for mag raws so the art on the other page shows through , tanks are higher quality, and I just like the whole cover-contents-chapter-afterword format. xD

Kakera said...

They were in the magazine raws; the PS Topaz denoise plugin was used when the raws were prepped, and no one has the originals anymore. =( I tried to fix it by masking and sharpening the more blurred tones, but it ended up pretty ugly so I gave up. It bugs me too, but as far as I know there's no way to undo it. >_<;

I'll try the next chapter in Rooftop Run, then~ ^^

Thanks for the suggestions, and I'm glad you're enjoying Rec! =)

atashi said...

LOL. That really reminds me of my friend, who everyone says is a shounen fan who has somehow gotten lost in shoujo land, ahaha. =P She does prefer shounen more, but the few shoujo that catches her eye she adooores.

Sparkly shoujo are sparkly. 8D I'm highly biased when it comes to pretty art, but it doesn't mean I'm just fond of the generic stuff either. It's really too bad though that so many stories never make it to tank format, several even better than stuff put out there by mainstream authors I'd say. ;-)

kleio said...

Thank you!

alpaca.c said...

Thank you for the 2nd chapter! > < It's so exciting. xD

rebel said...

thank you for the chapter ^^
I hope you can get the raw for Sekai no Hate. it looks interesting.
good luck

Kakera said...

Thanks for the support, guys! <3

Rebel: I have raws for the first chapter in MQ and up to 7 in LQ, but I don't think anyone would want LQ releases, lol. I'll probably release the first chapter anyways as a teaser and see if anyone will contribute. xD

Jessie J said...

thanks so much for the release!! hmm instead of editing sfx, why dont you just put it at the top like some people do then you dont have to edit it. thought im not to concered with them cause you can kind make it out your self what they are (sometimes).

taninha9 said...

Thanks very much for this chapter!
Last chapter was so good, that i wonder if just 4 chapters aren't a little too short?!
I'm looking forward to read this one and the next two.

Kakera said...

You're very welcome. =)

I'll try that out for the sfx, Jessie J~ I always find it distracting when people put little words with the meaning on top, but maybe I can translate the more important sound effects~? =)

taninha9: I really wanted more than 4 chapters of Rec. ;^; But I think it's a good ending, so you guys will just have to wait. xD

Kakera said...

I'm never making it out of shoujo land, LOL. I'll just set up a picnic and enjoy the sparkles. 8D

I'm sooo biased for pretty art. I haven't read a lot of the old shoujo stuff simply because I can't stand bad art. >_< I know a lot of them are classics and really good, but... my eyes. ;__;

And yeah, such a shame! I swear some oneshots are better than the stuff 'popular' shoujo artists put out... COUGH Mayu Shinjo COUGH Minami Kanan COUGH kayono AHEM.