January 25, 2012

Important change in release format

After updating my policy, adding a 24 hour delay for online reading sites, Mangahere and Mangafox both violated it. I thought it was just some disrespectful leecher, so I contacted a Mangafox mod and my message was along the lines of: "I implemented a new rule, please add KakerA Translations to the policy list so that only I can upload releases"

The response:
[...] I'm really sorry, but I can't do anything about it nor any fellow volunteer moderator here, because MF doesn't seem to respect any scanlators any more. They have some kind of bot that uploads things from any site to here right away. [...]

See a problem with this?
To read more about all this drama going down, see the Batoto thread.

So, my release format is going to change, because I'm not taking this nonsense.

1. Releases will still be released here first, but will be password protected. The password will be in my post.

2. After 12 hours, the release will be uploaded to Batoto.net, and only there. For Mangafox/Mangahere, there will be a 7 day delay, and I will upload the file myself. I don't want to upload to MF at all, but I know a lot of people read there, and it seems unfair to force such a sudden change.

So I'm trying to make everything just as accessible for humans, but not for bots.

... and yes, I know, I'm posting this at 5am. University students don't need sleep~! 8D

p.s. Of course, now there will be no delay punishment for Rec. <3


Rebel said...

hmm I see now... I heard a lot of complains about MF but I didn't know the main reason behind it. now I get it.
well, do what you have to do. ^_^
i support your policy and am looking forward to REC >_<

Kakera said...

Thank you~ =)

I will try to keep it as convenient as possible~ ^^