January 21, 2012

Many new updates to the blog.

I've just added a shoutbox, banner, changed the background, and put in pages for the projects. =D

Any general comments can be posted in the shoutbox, and chapter/series specific comments SHOULD be posted in their respective entries.

Site looks a lot better now, hurray! ^^ I'm still in the process of cleaning Lamento chapter 2 (which will be the next release)
Here's a peek at why it's taking so long. -sigh- these redraws...


Almost done redrawing...?


Jessie J said...

yeah looks painful! but i have to say your amazing, you got mad skills!! keep up the good work!! happy chinese new year!!

Kakera said...

Thanks~~! and happy Chinese new year to you, too! =D

I understand now why no one else picked up this project... lol.

Art Gee said...

AWESOME work!!! reminds me of how much I suck at redrawing >_<