May 20, 2012

Sekai no Hate chapter 3 - 50th release!

50th release celebration! \(*o*)/  (my release log says 27, but it's 50 counting the Trinity Blood ones from years ago.)

Today I have two exciting announcements~
1. I'm going to pick up a new project soon - Kiniro Kishi by Nao Tsukiji. This is a manga by the same author of Adekan, so you can count on the same dark plotline, awesome art, and borderline gay jokes.
2. I have raws for Lamento now! They have gutter shadows so it'll take much longer to clean, but I have them! Thanks a million to Riziak. <3

But for now, more Sekai no Hate. Thanks again to Hime from Haruhime Scans for scanning for me!

Kawaguchi's first name is RYUU, not Takashi as was stated in chapter 1. <_<;; That's what happens when raws are too small to read the furigana... Sorry, it's fixed now!

To everyone who's hating on Kasuga... don't, you'll feel like an asshat later. I have such a soft spot for him, omg. ;A;

Here's the release:
Volume 1 Chapter 03

This marks the end of the first volume; there's a side story about Azusa's past too, which will be the next release. =)



Saturine said...

Thank you! I enjoyed this chapter! And congrats on the 50th release!

kleio said...

Thank you for the new chapter! Congratulations on your 50th release!