May 22, 2012

Kiniro Kishi chapter 1

Here is the first release of my new project!

Kiniro Kishi by Nao Tsukiji

Debut stories from Nao Tsukiji
Kiniro Kishi: Police officer Shiro has been transferred to a small village, where his only job is to capture runaway horses or pull grandmas out of ponds.

I'm working from the Chinese volume for this, so there will be some slight inaccuracies from the Japanese version. If anyone can find Japanese RAWs, please let me know. =)

Phew, been on a roll lately. XD No releases for a while after this- I'm going off to an anime convention this weekend, and after that, I start training for my job, so... yep. Next release will be Kare wa Diablo.

Enjoy the release!


Kiwi said...

Thanks you! I hope you have fun at the con!

Jessie J said...

OMG Kakera, i love you, thanks so much for doing this i was dying for someone to pick this up and do cause i love the art by Nao.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this great chapter :D I love Nao Tsukiji's art and quirky characters!

Kakera said...

Thanks for the support!

I'm glad you're enjoying this manga as much as I do, haha~~

Anonymous said...

thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for scanlating this! It's been on my wish list for ages.

Gaviota said...

Hello, thanks so much for this release!
I don't usually read shoujo but the art seems to be great here!

Anonymous said...

Thank You took Kiniro Kishi by Nao Tsukiji!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kiniro Kishi by Nao Tsukiji needs to be re-uploaded it's not available anymore =(