January 5, 2012

Watashi no Koibito chapters 4-5

Double release! \(*o*)/

This is actually the first time I've done a double release, so it feels a little special~

Litoxpinky pointed out to me that in chapters 1 and 3, the last page where there are interviews and in the credits page for chapter one... it should say "Sakisaka Io" and not "Shimasaki Io" Sorry! I must have mashed Junta's name and the author's name together;;;

Here are the chapters!
Volume 1, Chapter 04
Volume 2, Chapter 05

I choose you, Takechu! (Sorry, I had to say it. xD)
Does anyone else seriously love this guy? He's so obtuse, it's hilarious, and the way he tries to laugh things off is just like Emi (except he does a better job). <3

There's actually only one more chapter until the main story of Watashi no Koibito is finished, and that last chapter will be coming tomorrow. After that, the releases will be much slower since... winter break is over. "OTL

That said, I still hope to finish the rest of volume two before February. ^^ "Second Bloom" is a pretty cute oneshot.


Anonymous said...

oh many many thanks for your work with this manga :)

litoxpinky said...

LOLOL. That's exactly what I thought when I read it XD. Mushing their names together is cuteee. Thanks for the chapters! It's great to see Sakisaka Io's work improve

Freesiane said...

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work. I'm always glad to meet someone who likes one of Sakisaka Io's works ^^

piyo pon said...

Kakera !! I love you ! I just read chapter 3 today and while I was checking there are 2 more chapters. I am in bliss right now XD

And you are completely right, Emi gets better each chapter. I love her attitude of not thinking only about her own problem and how she handles her problems with her sister. While I was reading, I cannot help to think that she got more mature by each chapter!

I was also overjoyed by the new character, Juuki. He is so insensitive but at the same time so honest. Is it wrong that I like him more than Junta ? Hahaha.

Thanks for spending your winter break to share Sakisaka Io's works with us !

Anonymous said...

thank you! very much appreciated (:

MG said...

Wow, good job translating so fast. Thanks! =)
Btw, is that bubble in 156 purposely empty?

Kakera said...

I appreciate the comments, everyone! =)

MG: Ah, derp. You're right, I can't believe I missed that! The file has been updated, so you can now download the new version. Thanks for pointing it out. =)

Litoxpinky: LOL xD; And yeah, she really improves a lot! That's why I decided to translate the interviews even though I didn't translate the free talks. You can really see that she's a hard worker. *-*

Piyo pon: Aww <3 And yep, I actually like Juuki more, too! *cough* He's so fun to watch~~ Junta's not bad, but he's a bit boring. xD

That's a good way to put it! I also think that Emi matures a little each chapter, and it's nice to see her go from annoying to likable. ^^

Anonymous said...

Kakera and Ai Cheeky - you two are special :) Thanks for the double release! The story just keeps getting better and better. I loved the new twists and misunderstandings - great balancing act. Perfect.

Thank you :)


Mush said...

Hey there!

Thanks for translating this manga! I just read it in one go and I reaaly enjoyed it! I've actually been checking if more of Sasaki Io's work had been translated for awhile now and then this one pops out. Can't wait for what comes next!

Anonymous said...

WOOOO! thank you for working on this series. its super cute.

Anonymous said...

a great double release. thanks!

Ririn said...

Thank you soooooooo much! OMG, i mean it, i'm always looking for interesting shojo mangas but i end up very bored but this's not the case. This manga is really cute and i reaally like the way the mangaka draws. I'm dying to see what's going to happen next! Thank you for taking the time to share this awesome manga :3

Anonymous said...

thank you.. i'll be waiting for the next release.good job. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks soooooo much!!!
I fell in love with this manga right after the first chapter... it's just too sweet to pass up! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this manga! I just started it today and I love it! It's super cute. I like Juuki a lot :>

Kakera said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the manga, everyone! ^^ Both Ai Cheeky and I are happy to know that you guys appreciate our efforts. <3 ;w;

It's one of Sakisaka's better works imo, though her art wasn't as good back then, haha. xD

Iru Cylia said...

Thank you ;w; I love you and your awesomeness <3