January 6, 2012

Watashi no Koibito chapter 6 [complete]

And so, the main story of Watashi no Koibito is complete. I really wanted to finish this, so I plowed ahead and managed to finish it tonight! Phew~

Here is Watashi no Koibito Volume 2, Chapter 06

Thoughts(sorta spoilers? Highlight to view): So cute so cute <3 What I really like about this manga is the fact that I can see why they're in love. Usually, it's all "Oh, you're so nice to me. I like you." But here, they go through genuine issues and help each other through them. Not to mention the superb execution; the cliches didn't feel forced, and the characters were all likable!

But I'm starting to ramble now... Anyways, enjoy the final chapter of Watashi no Koibito! The oneshots "Second Bloom" and "An Unrequited love" are also part of volume 2.

For convenience, here are all the download links for Watashi no Koibito:
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♥ Volume 2, Chapter 06
♥ Volume 2, "Second Bloom" and "An Unrequited Love"


Iru Cylia said...

OMG I've just finished reading chapter 5 and then I found this release. Thank you so muchhhh

Actually I prefer Juuki-kun. He is cool, natural and nice too. Junta seems a lot like Ichinose in Strobe Edge, he's so perfect and I don't really like the vibe he gives off...

Thanks for the hard work sweetie. You are awesome ♥ ♥ ♥

Kakera said...

No problem! ♥

I prefer Juuki, too~ I like Junta better than Ren in strobe edge (because seriously, Ren was like a vegetable LOL) but I'd still be in Juuki's fan club. xD

Hima said...

Thank you! I actually started reading just two hours ago, and I was surprised when the sixth chapter came up right after I read the fifth; I had checked out your blog and saw that you intended to release the last chapter a day after. Must be the difference in time zones XD;;

I felt a little bit sad though, seems like the last few chapters were rushed.. I would have preferred it if Junta's realization about Emi had been drawn out further, giving him more conflict. I'm weird like that, but it felt really fast. Like, "Oh, you didn't tell me this like you usually do", then "Why is this so?" and then suddenly "I like you".

I would have preferred it as well if Juuki was exposed a little bit more after the two confessed, but I guess that would be too much. Again, thank you! :)

Kakera said...

Haha, no, I was supposed to release this tomorrow, but I couldn't seem to stop editing, so it got released early. xD;

I totally agree! I would've liked to see it go for another chapter with Junta still conflicted, then have the last chapter where all the loose plot threads are taken care of, like Juuki and Miki's birth mother. But, wishful thinking. -sigh-

Sakisaka Io's endings have always felt a little rushed, tbh.

Ririn said...

Thanks so much! I was surprised because i thought you would release it tomorrow, but now i can sleep without intrigue! haha. It's the fastest release of manga chapters i've ever seen lol. I too prefer Juuki, i always end up rooting for the 2nd male character u.u and yeah the end felt rush but it was really cute. Like you said in the credit pages i think it was the only moment when a confession through a phone it's actually cute. OMG in real life that wouldn't be that cute haha. I really enjoy reading this manga, thanks to let us read it with such awesome scans :3 Don you any manga similar? Like the main protagonist being overshadow for her sibling or a manga with similar draws but by another author? :D

Ольга said...

Thank for this wonderful manga!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this series...
i like sakisaka io's work and have been waiting to read this. :D

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this!! xD

piyo pon said...

Thank you !! It's finished, I cannot believe it, so quick !

And as for this chapter, I too feel that the ending was a bit rushed. It's like Junta suddenly fell in love with Emi out of nowhere. Although to be fair, she did give some hint by making him feeling jealous with Juuki. But Junta, so quick ! Will you not be confused by the sudden discovery of your feeling? It's weird though because when I was reading the ending chapters for Strobe edge, I feel that she completely dragged the story. But here, it's too quick ! Maybe this is just me being in denial that there are no more chapters for their story lol.

But I completely love Emi here, especially when she was saying that she never thought of him as friend, and the dialogue after that he confessed to her. I was practically screaming when she said that. I think this is like Sakisaka sensei's talent, of making what's seemingly ordinary scene to be cute. *whispers* I have to admit, so far I like this work better than Ao Haru Ride, hehehe.

Thank you so much for releasing this in full speed ! It makes me enjoy the good story even more. My hope, that might not be realized, is that for the mangaka to make an alternate manga where Emi and Juuki got together. Muahaha

Anonymous said...

I was blowned away how fast You did this! MAny thanks!!

Kakera said...

Aww, I appreciate the comments, everyone! ♥

Ririn: Lol, right? If a guy confessed over the phone irl, it'd be like... wth? If you want something similar, you can go to the mangaupdates page and click on the categories you're interested in~ Here's the link: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=15256
I haven't actually read any of them, so I'm not sure how good they are lol~

Piyo pon: I think it's been hinted at for quite a while now that Junta's in love with her, and especially how he smiles after talking to her, like a "she's so cute" smile~ I probably only noticed these things because I stared at the pages for so long, but I think he just didn't realize his own feelings! xD
That said, yeah Junta sorted out his feelings so fast! D:< It took what, 6 pages? I thought he was supposed to be slow with this stuff...

That's a small gripe though. xD Overall, yeah I think it was a great manga (I like it better than Ao Haru Ride, too, but that's still ongoing so I have hope!)

I was really hoping for a side story about Juuki! ;^;

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hard work. love the works by this author.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so this is the final chapter! But it's good, I like it. Thank you so much!

Janet said...

Thank you so much for translating this wonderful series, I really enjoyed it ^-^

Anonymous said...


I'm delighted to be able to read this wonderful series, thank you very much for all the hard work to complete and share this!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this one!