January 14, 2012

Bye-Bye, Little [complete]

Bye-Bye Little by Sakisaka Io

A collection of Oneshots.
Bye-Bye, Little: Ai is a first year high-school student whose father passed away when she was still in elementary school. Her immature younger brother is a pain, she has to do all the housework, and it's awkward being around her own friends. But Takahashi-kun is secretly supporting her in the shadows... a story about growing up.
Love, Stupid, Me: Chie wishes that her boyfriend Satoshi would show her more affection, but she knows he doesn't like the clingy type. The fact that she's hated by Satoshi's friend Sugiyama Sei doesn't help. However, it turns out that he doesn't hate her after all...
Doki Doki: Miyuki's in love with Shuntaro, but she won't confess because she's afraid of ruining their relationship. But when another girl confesses to Shuntaro, something begins to change...
TOO YOUNG: Mika's mom doesn't approve of her relationship with Yoshiyuki, her boyfriend. In fact, she doesn't approve of anything Mika does, whether it be losing piano contests or getting Bs on her tests. How far will Mika go to protect their love?

Bye-Bye, Little
Love, Stupid, Me
Doki Doki


claclina said...

ohhh *_* thanks! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for translating them,
I like Sakisaka Io very much, her storys have a lot of drama in her and the world is not pink and fluffy all the time.
Its interessting to see how her drawing style changed from time to time, i like her art at the moment the best, because the boys look more handsome now x).

Is the Lamento u starting the Main Story? Ive read a lot Djs, but i didnt understand anything because i dont know the characters, pairs and the story...


Kakera said...

You're welcome guys~^^

Anon: Yes! I like her art with the pretty boys so much more now. *-* And the stories haven't changed~

Yep, I'm starting the main story of Lamento. =) It's quite good imo~ xD And handsome catboys! Yay.

Janet said...

These are very cute, I especially liked Doki-Doki, you really feel for the girl... Thank you so much for translating this, I really appreciate it. ^-^ I've decided to learn Japanese, but until I do I'm dependant on awesome people like you who translate these stories <3 So thank you again <3

Anonymous said...


thank you very much for sharing this wonderful oneshot collection and all the hard work you did to share, I really love to read!!!