January 14, 2012

Bye-Bye, Little Chapter 4

Here's the last chapter of Bye-Bye, Little! It's a oneshot titled "TOO YOUNG" (yes, in capslock lol) ...I wasn't going to do a release today, but it kind of happened on my journey of procrastination. <_<

Synopsis: Mika's mom doesn't approve of her relationship with Yoshiyuki, her boyfriend. In fact, she doesn't approve of anything Mika does, whether it be losing piano contests or getting Bs on her tests. How far will Mika go to protect their love?

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Thoughts: This is very different from everything else Sakisaka Io has published. If I were to say which story it's like, I'd say it's closest to the "Colorless Dreamer" oneshot bundled with one of the strobe edge volumes. For one thing, the main theme isn't love; not in the couple sense, anyways. I'm a bit old to relate to the characters now (turning 20, le gasp!), but I'm sure we all went through something similar as a teenager. I rather liked this oneshot!

Enjoy! Another project is complete now, whooo~~! *o*
This will be the end of my Sakisaka Io phase. My next project will be Lamento~Beyond the Void~ by Chayamachi Suguro. Information


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