September 30, 2012


Hi all, long time no see!

It's been forever since my last release, and I'm super sorry about that. ='( School has been insanely busy since I started my second-entry program, and all my time has been devoted to either that or what meager social life I can still manage between exams and assignments.

I have a few announcements today:

1. You may have noticed that another group has started to release chapters of Sekai no Hate from Chinese scanlation releases. I will not drop the project, but instead I will release HQ chapters when I get the Raws, which hasn't happened yet since I know HaruHime has been super busy with their real lives too.

2. Eleven Soul is officially dropped. Manga Syndrome told me about their intentions to drop it a few months ago, and I was debating whether I could still work on it by myself. Well, I decided I can't. =( So the project is dropped. I encourage other groups to pick it up!!! It's a good manga.

3. My releases will likely be delayed for a good while, at least until my midterms are over, so that's the middle of November. I know many of you are getting impatient, but this is all volunteer work that I do in my spare time because I want to give back to the community, so when I have no spare time, I release no chapters.

Bottom line: If you want more chapters, join me! I'd really appreciate a few cleaners.

That's all for now, and hopefully I'll be back soon!


JJ said...

good to hear from you. i can wait since your brilliant at what you do and i rather have nice HQ scans then LQ ones. see you in November maybe?!

Kakera said...

Nice to see that someone's still around! <3

Aww, thank you so much. Yeah, I'd like to continue releasing Sekai no Hate; it's such a good manga!

November! =) I'll try my best!

helloitssabrina said...

It's ok! We all understand that behind the screen, you all have your own busy hectic lives! Thank you for bringing all the releases so far~!

Arina said...

Thank you for releasing Sekai no hate and that manga about the girl who couldn't cry and she records things a lot. I haven't finished but I can already predict what's going to happen. Well thanks for doing this!!! I guess we'll see you again in November!

xHuiyii said...
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Gaviota said...

Good luck and see you in November then! :D

Yameena Fatima said...

Hello. There haven't been any chapters of sekai no hate after ever since this post and its 2016 now.
Will you be translating the remaining chapters? :( I really really love that manga and I cant even find the ready to read the raws too if you have them. Please reply! Thank you.