February 3, 2012

Poll results and progress update

The poll is now closed, and the results are...

"Which project do you Prefer?"

Rec - kimi ga naita hi - 63 votes (60%)
Lamento ~beyond the void~ 24 votes (22%)
I like both of them equally 11 votes (10%)
Neither. Start another project!  7 votes (6%)

I was pretty surprised with the poll results. xD I like Rec more, too! ♥ But I thought it'd be pretty even between Lamento and Rec. Lamento has a pretty dedicated fanbase, you know! But maybe the fangirls haven't discovered the manga yet... or they don't like the lack of buttsex in the manga lol.

7 of you said to start another project. Does this mean you don't like the ones I'm doing now?!! ;u; Or do you see something you like more on my upcoming projects...?

The new poll is up! Speculate away about who died~ ;) Don't vote if you've read the raws! I want to see what people think, heh heh~

I started cleaning the last chapter of Rec (slowly). The raws are terrible omg... I'm never picking up a project with LQ/MQ raws again! It takes almost as long as Lamento, and the results are not as pretty. =(

Either way, that next chapter will come in a week or two. I'm only cleaning ~3 pages a day since it's midterm season. /whimpers


1 comment:

mango said...

I LOVEEEE Lamento ~beyond the void! I just discovered it so count me in your poll :)

I mean I already knew about it being BL and I love BL, but I don't expect this version to have any >_< still I think its an interesting read knowing the storyline so I can enjoy the BL doujinshis more.

thanks for scanlating it ^^