February 11, 2012

Kare wa Diablo Volume 1 Chapter 1

Kare wa Diablo by Shimotsuki Kayoko Information
Supernatural/Romance/Shoujo/Comedy/School life

In order to realize her dream of a romance with her senpai, Meiko uses black magic. Unexpectedly, she summons the demon king Lucifer, who also ends up as her homeroom teacher!

As part of their contract, Meiko is forced onto the path of a witch, but in reality, she's just Lucifer's slave! And now that she has magical powers, she activates her super strength whenever she eats Anpan. What will become of Meiko and the great demon king Lucifer?

Volume 1 chapter 01: First Encounter with the Mighty One?

A light-hearted and funny shoujo. There were some really great lines in this chapter, especially from our super S demon, Rui. XD Washboard chests? Ufufufu.



anon said...

Sweeeet! Thank you for more Shimotsuki Kayoko goodness~

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooo much! I love Shimotsuki Kayoko's work :D

Hanarashi said...

Thank you very much!!!

Jessie J said...

thanks, this looks interesting. keep up the fab work x

Anonymous said...

YES! Thank you!!

Spiritovod said...

Thanks for the scanlation, but could you please take a look at this:
Those raws looks quite better even if you'll upscale them to currently used resolution.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much! I had this on my wishlist for the longest time... I love this author's works though they are usually a bit dark. This comedy is such a great change :D I really enjoyed the chapter! Thanks for sharing <3

Kakera said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter, everyone. =)

Spiritvod: Oh, they do! Would you happen to be the scanner, or know who it is so that I may ask for permission?

This is why I really need a raw provider, guys -cough cough-

Spiritovod said...

Kakera: This is a digital version (i.e. provided by the publisher itself), I've just found it over internets.

Kakera said...

Great, I'll be using them then! =)

I'll allow for more accurate translation too, since I'll be using the JP raw; thank you~ ^^

Anonymous said...

thank you i love it so far cant wait for an update :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kakera! :3 You've made my day even better! ^^