January 28, 2012

Lamento~Beyond the Void~ Chapter 2 (and some more changes)

I had an exam yesterday, so while I was resting my brain in bed, I decided to finish off chapter 2. xD

This chapter was even worse than the first in terms of redraws... On the other hand, the plot is starting to pick up! It shed light on a lot of that "wtf" from the first chapter, and gave more background on Konoe's past. I want to see more of the devils though, damn it! Kaltz~~

After the next chapter (3), it will take a while to release the next chapter of Lamento. I have to order and scan Volume 2, since there are no raws online. I was planning to buy it anyways, but cracking the book spine! Ack, pain. </3

Look at the shiny cover of volume 2, and here's the new chapter!

Volume 01 Chapter 02 / Read online

This time, the archive itself is not password protected, so it's less of a hassle to load on an image reader.

Still no uploading to Mangafox or other online readers until the 7 day wait period is up, though! Instead, convert to Batoto (the exception), because they respect scanlators and don't resize images. =D

I'm switching all my files over to mediafire, since they have a password protect system and no 20 second wait time. I will update all the links today for consistency~~

Lastly, a change in policy. No longer is there a delay for uploading to Batoto, and it will be done the same time I release a chapter. All other online readers are still subject to the 7 day delay.

I'm still pretty new to the whole running a site and having policies thing, so please bear with me as I find a good balance for everything. >_<


Jessie J said...

hiya the chapter got uploaded on mangafox so thought i would let you know! oh and thanks so much i love this series hehehe, oooh nice cover for v2!!

Jessie J said...

pfft someone allready told you on chat box

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this next chapter of Lamento!

Kakera said...

Rai > Konoe! xD Or more like Rai > Asato > Devils > Konoe > Bardo~

Glad you enjoyed it, guys~ ^^

Jukebox said...

Wow thank you so much! After reading the first chapter, I could see why this one is a super big challenge to edit. So much scenery and action and drawings! It can be hard to follow the action in some panels because there's so much going on! But, it's a very interesting story so far (and this chapter makes it more so - Yay for telling each other their beautiful :)). Thank you for working on this project!

Anonymous said...

yay thanks a lot! hope you did well with your exam! ^^

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for sharing, especially since it was difficult for you.