January 3, 2012

First Release!

New year release! (kind of)

The first chapter of Watashi no Koibito by Sakisaka Io is now available. Enjoy! <3
Volume 1, Chapter 01


Lilly said...

This one has been in my wish list for long! Thus, this is one of the best New Year present ever!! Many thanks for the lovely release.

Happy New Year!

Kakera said...

Yay! Yes, this was on my wishlist, too, so when I found the raws I decided to just go for it. =)

If there's anything else on your wishlist, feel free to suggest it.

Anonymous said...

Wooooo! I love all of Sakisaka Io's works <3! Thanks for bringing this to us fans; I was just wondering about the credits and the last page, you refer to "Shimasaki Io", who is that? O_o

Kakera said...

Oh! Shoot, I totally didn't notice that. xD; Sorry, I meant Sakisaka Io; looks like I mashed Junta and the author's names together LOL. >_<

I'll fix that in the next release; thank you for pointing it out!